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A Day In San Jose

On the 12th we arrived in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.  Yesterday we went on an excursion through the city. After waking up and getting ready, the first stop was McDonald’s for breakfast. Normally we don’t go there. I ordered a cheesy egg sandwich with hash browns and apple juice.  The sandwich tasted weird at first, but after two bites it was delicious. Some other people were a little annoyed with their orders. For example, Lucas ordered pancakes, but didn’t specify the fine print and didn’t get his sausage has shown in the picture. When breakfast was...

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Finally We Went To The Beach!

I meant to write this article sooner, since the day we hit the beach was November 26, but I was waiting on some pictures to be available. Anyway, I am writing it now; better late then never. First thing we did was get up at 7am and eat some breakfast; fried eggs on toast. After, we called a taxi to come pick us up. The guy we phoned is named Mario. He runs the little grocery store, Super Mario, that me, Dad and Lucas all walked to one day. Once dressed I watched some YouTube videos as we waited...

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The Culture of Costa Rica

This is an article I wrote for my school newspaper. In my experience, the only music I have heard is what I have on Itunes or CD’s copied from home and I have not seen any dance. Granted I haven’t gone many places; there as been no beach day so far. I have tasted local food, a lot of beans, rice, potatoes and eggs. Costa Rica is a Central American country located between Nicaragua and Panama. The average temperate is 21-27°C It is home to 5% of the Earth’s biodiversity, 20,000 different spiders and 10% of all butterflies. Every...

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The Spectacular View

We are staying in Apartment C of Rick’s Apartments for one month. The pool is amazing; I have been there around two times each day. The only bad thing is that the WiFi is slow sometimes, and there is none at all in my...

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Travel Day

I probably should have made this post sooner, since my dad already told you about the house in one of his posts. Anyway, I am going to describe the journey now before its too late. On Monday the 14 we woke up in the Liberian hostel we had rented for the night. After getting ready we headed to ICE to get a local sim card. Doing that took longer then expected, I think it was 30 minutes. Once finally done at ICE we walked to the bus stop to get on a bus on Puntarenas. As we are waiting...

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