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Sunday Morning in Bogotá, Colombia and the Ciclovía

When we were checked into the apartment we are staying in currently, we were told that the bakery just around the corner was worth a visit. So Lucas and I ventured out this morning to see what they have to offer. It smelled great and some of the items were still warm from the oven! The picture above was taken later this evening when we returned for more goodies. The sun has just set and lights had been turned on at Pasteleria Romannoti. Before we got the the bakery however, I was impressed to see so many cyclists and...

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April 1- May 7: Bogota, Colombia

Again, I am publishing in advance. We will arrive at this place tomorrow and have booked it for a week. We used Airbnb, we’ve have a pretty good experience with them since signing up in 2015. Hopefully our good fortune...

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March 30-31: Panama City, Panama

We don’t have much to say about this hotel yet. We check in tomorrow. Through the magic of technology I am creating this blog post the day before and scheduling it for publication tomorrow so everything is kept up to date on were we are. We are staying here just two nights. We fly to Colombia Saturday and we thought we’d get our Yellow Fever shots so that we can come back through Panama and Costa Rica on our trip home. Here’s what the web site has to say about the hotel: Located in the centre of Panama City, this...

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March 29: Anton Valley, Panama

We’ve headed for the hills after several days near the beach. It is cooler up here in the mountains. Some of the roads to get up here were quite challenging. Our friend Michele has been with us in Panama for the past week+ and took some video of sections of the drive. I’ll get that posted as soon as I can. So far this town has been interesting. We checked out the market place downtown, the kids have been playing in the games room while waiting for the chemicals that were just added to the pool have time to...

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March 25-29: Santa Catalina, Panama

Sorry I didn’t get this place posted when we were there. Santa Catalina is a somewhat remote little surf town on the Pacific coast a couple of hundred kilometers west of Panama City. Lots of cool people and restaurants. The place had a nice vibe to it. Unfortunately it didn’t have a steady Internet connection. As a matter of fact, more than once it had no power at all. It turns on that it is kind of hard to update web sites when you can’t get on line. Who knew? Like Health Care being complicated, nobody knew… It was a nice...

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