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May 7 – June 8: Itagüí, Colombia

The drive through the mountains and down into Medellin from the airport was beautiful. So lush and green everywhere you look, except where the buildings and construction projects shoot up from the hillsides. We’ve had some heavy rain as we settle in for our first night in Medellin. This three bedroom place is in a much newer and taller building, but much smaller than our Bogota apartment. Hopefully we can be comfortable here. Time will tell.

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Some Sights and Sounds of Bogotá

Since arriving in Bogotá we’ve made numerous trips to various stores and we’ve all gone out to see some of the city. When the mood strikes we capture a few moments of what is going on around us. With 8 milllion people, there’s always plenty of people around.
Below are a dozen or so of those moments captured in short videos.

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Coffee: From Bean to Cup

Before we left Costa Rica back in March, we toured the Espiritu Santo coffee plantation in Naranjo. Our tour guide Ronnie explained it all, from the beans to how to make the perfect pot of coffee. In this post we captured the sights and sounds, but unfortunately not the smells of the freshly roasted coffee.

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Sunday Morning in Bogotá, Colombia and the Ciclovía

When we were checked into the apartment we are staying in currently, we were told that the bakery just around the corner was worth a visit. So Lucas and I ventured out this morning to see what they have to offer. It smelled great and some of the items were still warm from the oven! The picture above was taken later this evening when we returned for more goodies. The sun has just set and lights had been turned on at Pasteleria Romannoti. Before we got the the bakery however, I was impressed to see so many cyclists and...

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April 1- May 7: Bogota, Colombia

Again, I am publishing in advance. We will arrive at this place tomorrow and have booked it for a week. We used Airbnb, we’ve have a pretty good experience with them since signing up in 2015. Hopefully our good fortune...

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