Author: Mark Crosby

 Deciding what to keep, store, sell or discard.

The more space you have, the more stuff you accumulate. The unfinished surf board will be discarded. Maybe we can find a really cheap used one and ship it back. Sydney needs a surf board for a prop in her surfer movie. MS-DOS version 6.22 anyone? I’m not sure why these made it in the last move! They are not going into storage and if you want them, you better act quick because they are going in the trash. That picture takes up more space than one of those “High-density” 1.44 MB...

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Why Sydzilla?

You might be thinking that is a strange choice for a URL for a blog about a family traveling Latin America, but one of the reasons we are spending time there is to cut our expenses. I registered the domain years ago when our first child, Sydney, was born. Although she was very cute and helpful at times, other times she was little devilish and could make a mess faster than Godzilla could take out a section of...

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What are we getting ourselves into?

Welcome to our lives for the next year or so. The four of us are going to contribute to this blog, so hopefully the amount of content and frequency of updates should keep it interesting. I am sure you’ll find that we each have our own way of expressing ourselves. This should be interesting. Anyway, life gave us some lemons and we’re going to try to make lemonade. The economy in Calgary and Alberta as well is in the doldrums brought about by sustained low oil prices. Companies have cut way back on expenses and spending and a technology I’ve...

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