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Removing More Material Clutter From Our Lives

Pepper is gone! The great purge continues with the sale of “Pepper”, our 1995 Toyota Tercel that we bought when we first arrived in Calgary back in 2000. We name all our cars and I seem to remember that the color reminded us of a green pepper when we bought it. It was a reliable car, even if it wasn’t as nice as our 2014 Highlander that loomed over it in the garage. Selling on Kijiji works We posted a few dozen ads for items we wanted to sell on Kijiji over the past couple of months. Almost everything...

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Last hockey game for a while

I played in my last ice hockey game for a while. The result was a disappointing 2-4 loss, but it was a fun, fast game. I’ve checked out the prospects for hockey on our trip and most of the countries I checked on Central America don’t even have ice rinks, never mind hockey leagues. I did find reports of ice hockey in Buenos Aires and Santiago. It will be a while before we get that far, assuming we do name it that far. Maybe I can arrange a hockey tournament when I am there and get some teams from...

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Riding off Into the Sunset

It’s starting to sink in. Today was the last day I’ll ride my bike to work for the foreseeable future. A warming Chinook wind kept the temperature mild, even if it did slow me down in places. I’ll need to find a spot in the container for my bike along with a few more things. The container is getting picked up first thing Saturday morning so the next couple of days are going see me filling every nook and cranny of that big box. I predict it will be completely full come Saturday...

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 Deciding what to keep, store, sell or discard.

The more space you have, the more stuff you accumulate. The unfinished surf board will be discarded. Maybe we can find a really cheap used one and ship it back. Sydney needs a surf board for a prop in her surfer movie. MS-DOS version 6.22 anyone? I’m not sure why these made it in the last move! They are not going into storage and if you want them, you better act quick because they are going in the trash. That picture takes up more space than one of those “High-density” 1.44 MB...

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Why Sydzilla?

You might be thinking that is a strange choice for a URL for a blog about a family traveling Latin America, but one of the reasons we are spending time there is to cut our expenses. I registered the domain years ago when our first child, Sydney, was born. Although she was very cute and helpful at times, other times she was little devilish and could make a mess faster than Godzilla could take out a section of...

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